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At Stonewalk Family Dentistry, we understand the importance of proper oral care between dental visits, which is why we provide a variety of educational resources, including dental health articles. Written with you, the patient, in mind, our articles center on dental patient education and make dentistry and oral care easy to understand. With resources that cover a range of oral care topics, you’ll find dental information that is helpful and important to you and your family.

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Bad Breath: Rumors, Truths & Misnomers

From the foods we eat, to the medicines we take, what we ingest from day-to-day has the potential to greatly affect our bodies – particularly our breath. When it comes to halitosis, the scientific name for bad breath, there are a number of bad breath causes that you may have never considered. In addition to proven causes and cures, bad breath rumors often circulate, making it difficult to determine fact from fiction when sifting through the helpful pieces of oral hygiene advice.


Dental How-To: Plaque Removal and Tartar Prevention Between Dentist Visits

Here’s a dentist joke for you: what is gross, sticky, and really bad for your teeth and gums? It’s plaque, which turns into tartar and can lead to all kinds of oral health problems. And, in reality, fighting back against plaque and tartar on your teeth is no joke! Plaque is one of the primary causes of tooth decay and gum disease, but not many people really know what it is or how to prevent it. So, here’s what you need to know about plaque and tartar — what it is, how to prevent it, and how to get rid of it between dental visits.


How to Choose the Best Mouthwash for You!

Whether you are new to the different types of mouthwashes, you’re realizing the one you are using isn’t working out, or you just want to find something different, choosing the right type of mouthwash for you can be a daunting task. The oral health aisle at any store typically has a floor-to-ceiling selection of mouthwash options, all making different claims with different ingredients. To make your choice a little easier, here is our helpful guide for choosing a mouthwash that’s right for you.


The Importance of Proper Denture Care

Dentures are one of the many restorative dentistry options available to those that want to replace missing teeth and achieve a beautiful, healthy smile. An essential part of maintaining that attractive, new smile is proper denture care. Depending on the amount of care that you give and the quality of the dentures you are wearing, your smile could last for many years to come.


How to Care for Your Baby's Teeth

Knowing when and how to care for baby teeth is a common concern for those with newborns, infants, and babies. One of the most effective steps in caring for your child is understanding the important role that pediatric dentistry and at-home oral care play in their overall health.


What are the Best Foods for Teeth?

The foods that you eat have a large impact on the health of your teeth, making it more important than ever to choose the best food for your teeth. Between plaque creating film on your teeth and food particles left behind when you eat, there are a number of ways that simply consuming food can affect your teeth negatively and lead to oral health issues. Experiencing dental problems can often mean time spent in pain and money lost on restorative procedures to bring your smile back to a healthy state.


Adult Dentistry Tips: Maintain Healthy Teeth as You Age

As we get older, we know it’s important to take good care of our skin and bodies to look and feel our best. But what about our teeth? You may have wondered if you need to change your oral hygiene habits as you age – are there new dangers to look out for, and how can we ensure we keep our teeth healthy for as long as possible? The good news is that today’s adults are keeping their natural teeth longer than ever. The bad news? You can’t get lazy with your oral care just because you’re no longer a growing child or teen.


Oral Health Care Tips: 12 Things Your Dentist Wishes You Knew

Some people think that dentists have secrets to good oral health. The reality is: they aren’t secrets. Your dentist wants you to know these oral health care tips and facts. The more you know, the better you will take care of your teeth, and the easier their job becomes. If you want tips for good oral health, take a look at these dentist “secrets.”


Five Innovations in Dental Technology that Could Improve Your Next Visit to the Dentist

Did you know that being a dental professional requires ongoing education and training? Dentists go about this by researching the latest advancements in dental technology and training in these new techniques. When new developments are made, they can positively impact both dentists and patients. Innovations in oral care can reduce the duration of common dental procedures, or even expedite a patient’s healing, increasing overall patient satisfaction and comfort.

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